About Me

What's a business/brand minus the right words? I’m Tony and i possess skills in Copywriting, SEO and WordPress Website Development. I have a track record of helping businesses & brands scale by leveraging words. In my 5+ years of offering copywriting services for small businesses, i’v been able to bring change in lots of brands and businesses such as Short & Sweet Safaris. I believe that words have power and words do sell. By using proven-to-work copywriting formulas(P.A.S + A.I.D.A), while keeping SEO in mind, i’ll help your business leverage the power of words in closing more sales, creating more engagement and driving more engaged traffic to your business in a professional manner. I not only copywrite to inform your readers, but to sell and meet a need your target audience explosively yearn for.

How do i accomplish this?
1. Let’s have a quick discussion
2. Understanding your needs
3. Implementing the strategies
4. Enjoy the results


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